5 best Cypriot bungalows for over $2m

Posted on: January 28th, 2016

Cyprus struggled in the wake of the global financial crisis, but sales have begun to climb again in the last year, as the island’s stabilising economy makes it a safer bet. With value still the name of the game and golden visas available to boot, returning to Cyprus is a new year’s resolution well worth weighing up.

Looking to get the best value for your investment? We present the five best bungalows in Cyprus for over $2m:


5 Bed Bungalow – Lakki, Cyprus – $3,199,16

The style of this spacious beachfront home is reflected in the open floor plan, offering great versatility, With mesmerising views, the property creates an enchanting environment for easy, relaxed waterfront living.

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4 Bed Bungalow – Larnaca, Cyprus – $3,242,400

This exclusive development has 12 luxurious and independent villas. It is situated on an idyllic piece of land right on the sandy beach of Larnaka Bay, near the five-star hotels.

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5 Bed Bungalow – Limassol, Cyprus – $3,804,416

The “Millionaire Club” is the first and the only of its kind club complex of premium residences located in Lima.

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4 Bed Bungalow – Limassol, Cyprus – $3,804,416

It is an exclusive beach front complex which is offering to the residents a remarkable way of living with extraordinary facilities.

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2 Bed Bungalow – Armou, Cyprus – $2,810,080

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