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Trancoso, Brazil $7,800,000

Unique private beach estate, accomodating up to 29 guests in 10 luxury one and two bedroom villas, including a spa, two separate social areas, two swimming pools, large garden complex, restaurant and detached work area with parking, deposits, workshop,

Property Information

Type Beach House
Beds 10
Baths 10
Full Description

Private villa retreat located in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil.

 Property Description

 Total Area…………………. 10.490 square meters

Includes three parcels:

  • 6.929 m2 beach front –Area 1
  • 1.161 m2 newly acquired —Area 2
  • 2.400m2 work/storage/staging/area for future expansion--Area 3

 Note: Property fronts 1.518 square meters of beach with 50 linear meters of beach front

 Total Area of Construction...1.534 square meters

 Total Area 1 construction….1.023 square meters

  • Cabana, restaurant and entertainment center (170 m2)
  • VIP villa (196 m2)
  • Two…. two bedroom two bath villas (115 m2)
  • Two…. one bedroom villas (58 m2)
  • Reception area and three bdrm quarters (164 m2)
  • Garage/workshop (86 m2)
  • Laundry and Deposit (61 m2)
  • Beach Bar
  • 5 Pergolado/sofas on Beach 
  • 2 Beach deposits 
  • Expanded kitchen deposit area 
  • Two new cabana bathrooms

 Other Property Features

  • White marble pool
  • Landscaped and lighted gardens
  • New Bar/barbeque area set       in gardens 
  • Irrigation system
  • Wireless internet
  • PBX phone system
  • Video security system       (16 cameras)

Total Area 2 construction...389 square meters

  • 4 apartments/suites (totaling 168 m2)
  • Deposit (26 m2)
  • Social Area/Spa (80 m2)
  • Two bedroom villa (115 m2) Total Area 3 construction---122 square meters
  • Two deposits, work area/garage and two bathrooms (122 m2)

Located on Nativos Beach 1.5 kilometers from the Quadrado of Trancoso.   The property lies two kilometers down the beach from the Terravista Golf Resort Complex.   On the beach is a beach bar, 5 pergolatas and sofas, showers and a health and fitness center fashioned of wood. The area is shaded throughout by palm trees. Central to the property is a cabana and white marble pool. The cabana contains a restaurant and an upstairs entertainment center with TV, DVD, computer and music system and a library of books and DVDs. The gardens have been landscaped and lighted to create a magical environment both day and night. Within the garden complex are five luxury villas.

Seller Information

Exclusive Realty Brasil

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